Join The Deconstruction

I just got back from a fantastic ten day book “tour” in the Bay Area. While I was there, I had a great time hanging out with my pal Jason Naumoff. Among other things, we discussed his unique upcoming game/global event called The Deconstruction.

The Deconstruction is about learning to think in new ways and remaking the world around you. It’s a global rethink in the form of a game where teams get together, ID a problem or project, and document their solutions over two days. They also have a very innovative way of covering the 48-hour event, using video feeds from all participants, they produce a real-time live streaming event. It’s all about trying to see the world around you in new ways and learning how to hack your way toward the world you want.

The next contest is on Nov 14-16, so sign up NOW if you want to participate.

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