Full Table of Contents (Provisional)

On my Kickstarter project page, and in the 25-page PDF sampler of the book, I have a “teaser” Table of Contents, with select chapters from the book. Below is the full TOC, as of today. It may change somewhat, as this may be too much for a projected 250-page book. It looks like a lot, but some of the pieces are only 2 pages long. Also indicated is the publication in which the piece originally appeared or whether it’s unpublished (previously written, but never appeared in print) or new (written expressly for Borg Like Me).

Table of Contents


Chapter Zero: The Launch Party (Unpublished)
The Lemon Song (Unpublished)
Operation Mindfuck (Boing Boing)
Borg Like Me (ArtByte)
By This River (Unpublished)
The Radio Days of Cyberspace (Going Gaga)
No-Tech Interactive (STIM)
Into the Future! (The Making of Beyond Cyberpunk) (New)
Why I Hate the Newage (bOING bOING)
Bedtime for Bohemia (Jamming the Media)
Is There a Cyberpunk Movement? (Users Guide to the New Edge)
Journey to Kooktopia (Mondo 2000, Happy Mutant Handbook)
Below the Clown (bOING bOING)
The Sandwich Mailed ‘Round the World (Unpublished)
This Shit Doesn’t Stink, It Exceeds the Odor Threshold (STIM)
Captain, Please, Not in Front of the Klingons (STIM)
The Laboratory of Language (New)
Mein Fuhrer, I Can Walk! (DudeCraft)
Tears in the Rain (Boing Boing)
The Post-Industrial Manifesto (Mondo 2000)
The Internet is Punk Rock! (New)
The Land of Dreams is Better Far (New)
A VCR Was Harmed in the Making of this Article (New)
Sad Little Stars (Unpublished)
MAKE vs. The Blob (MAKE)
Seek Ye the Hilaritas (Boing Boing)
The White Goddess (Unpublished)
Show Us Your Saints! (Boing Boing)
Bread of the Snowpocalypse (MAKE)
William Blake, Zine Publisher (MAKE)
Darkside Rocketeer (MAKE)
Techno-Temporal Mash-Ups and Bringing the Tinfoil (Device #2)
Down the Rabbit Hole with the World’s Smallest Postal Service (Boing Boing)
Mechanical Animism (Device #1)
Building Spaceships Out of Fives and Sixes (Unpublished)
Boating the Abyss (Unpublished)
How to Sing in the Dark (New)
You’re On! (New)

Unearthing a Weird Hero Award (MAKE)
10 Tips for Creative Consumerism (Trash Dance program)
Gareth Tips on Sucks-Less Writing (Street Tech)
The Lowdown Guide to High-Brow Media Theory (Jamming the Media)
The Cyberburban Myth of “Gen-X Office Slang” (New)

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