Welcome Media Citizens!

Hey, look, it’s the 21st century and I’ve finally decided to join it with my own blog! I hear this “blogging” thing is all the rage. Good thing I got in on the ground floor.

My old Gareth’s Vanity Portal will remain up, at least for awhile. I’ll move all of the relevant, perennial content over here and probably just leave it up for archival/nostalgic reasons. I created my page back in the 90s, before the Internet boom went bust, back when “portals” were all the rage. To create my original site, I grabbed the HTML source from some cellphone sales portal, swapped out all of the content, and Gareth’s Vanity Portal was born. But being in HTML, in which I hand-code all changes/additions, made it a huge pain to upgrade, and so it’s remained fallow for years. But now that I’m newly back to freelancing, I have a moment here to do some housekeeping before a new form of work insanity overtakes me.

Please follow my site so that you can see what trouble I’m up to. I’m going to be putting up a bunch of content in the next few months as I go spelunking through the last two decades of my work (and through my attic) in search of gems for my forthcoming collection, Borg Like Me (& Other Tales of Art, Eros, and Embedded Systems). I’ll be announcing a Kickstarter deal here soon, within the next month or so.

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One Response to Welcome Media Citizens!

  1. Swell! another place to read and see your thoughts. win/win I say.