WINK Review: Pictorial Webster’s Dictionary


My most recent review on WINK:

In the summer of 1996, fine-press bookmaker John M. Carrera began a ten-year odyssey after discovering a brittle and yellowing copy of the 1898 Webster’s International Dictionary under his grandfather’s favorite reading chair. He was so taken by the book’s wooden engravings that he contacted the Merriam-Webster Company and was told that the entire collection of original “cuts” (the engravings) were archived at Yale. Carrera traveled to Yale where he discovered 150 drawerfuls of these engravings, more than 10,000 wooden cuts and copper electrotypes (duplicates of cuts).

Carrera was so inspired by the find that, after negotiating an arrangement to organize and preserve the collection, he embarked on a project to create a sort of artist’s book send-up of a visual dictionary…

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