Recording The Beatles Review on WINK


On today’s WINK review:

How many books in your library make you happy just to know that you own them? How many do you enthusiastically show off to friends, knowing that you’re sharing something truly unique and wondrous? Recording The Beatles is one of a few such books in my library.

First off, the “out of box experience” on this book is a thrill for any book nerd or audio geek. It’s oversized, hardbound, and weighs in at over 11 pounds. It’s housed in a thick card slipcase that’s designed to mimic a 60s reel-to-reel master tape box. Besides the book, you get all sorts of fun goodies inside, like copies of B&W snaps of the Fab Four and their engineers in the studio, a two-sided reproduction of the lyric sheet for “A Day in the Life,” a postcard to “The Beatles Band” from a George Martin on vacation, a fold-out poster of the main mixing board control surface at EMI Studios, and other miscellany.

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