“Big Questions” – An exquisite literary feast that reads like a literal dream


My review of Anders Nilsen’s epic-scaled postmodern comic fable, Big Questions, is up on WINK:

The day my mail carrier plopped a review copy of this hefty, gorgeous tome inside my screen door (I have an uncanny ability to discern this faint but happy sound from anywhere in the house), I immediately cracked it open at random. Across the page spread were crude little lines drawings of two finches pecking away at stipple-dot seeds. One bird is nothing but complaints. He doesn’t like their dull daily rounds. He doesn’t like the hill they eat on. The fact that other birds eat worms and flies, and even other birds, while they eat only one kind of seed. And on and on he bitch-peeps. “Did you say one kind of seed?” the other bird asks. He tells him there are at least five different kinds of seeds on the ground before them. And raisins. And crumbs left over from a chocolate donut. “There is?” asks the whiny bird. “I thought those were clumps of dirt!” He begins to dive for these newfound delicacies. “My goodness! That’s exquisite!” he enthuses as the last frame shows the two pecking away, moaning with contentment. From this moment, I was hooked on Anders Nilsen’s epic-scaled postmodern comic fable, Big Questions.

Read the entire review on WINK.

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