My Annual Parade o’ Peeps


I miss many things about being the Editorial Director for Maker Media. One of these would be the annual Peeps round-up I did on the MAKE website every year. No, seriously. I have something of an unhealthy fascination with these unholy food-colored, sugar-coated marshmallow death wads. And by the number of bizarre things that people choose to do with them (and brag about over the internet), I am not alone. I understand they can also be eaten.

Here are links to several of my previous-year Peeps pieces:

2013’s Annual Peeps Roundup
2010’s Peeps Parade
How to Make Peepshi = Peeps Sushi

Collages110From The Dissolving Peeps Experiment.

Peeps in a vacuum.

explodypeep_2Explody Peeps high-speed photography.

And fresh as a new rack o’ Peeps for 2014, here’s a video of a red-hot ball of nickel having its way with some Peeps. I can smell the toasted marshmallow from here.

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