My Research Residency on the Maker Movement


I started my Provisions Library Research Residency at George Mason University yesterday. For the next 3 weeks, I’ll be researching the maker movement. Is it really a “movement”? What does that mean, exactly? How large is its reach? What areas of education, technology, business, local community, and the culture at large is it touching, and to what extent? How does it compare to other related historical movements and DIY trends like the Arts & Crafts movement, post-WWII home DIY, 60s countercultural DIY, punk DIY, etc.? What are possible/likely future trajectories?

Besides many usual suspects within the maker movement, I want to talk to historians of technology, economists, educators, cultural anthropologists, and others who might provide interesting perspectives. I’ll be presenting a talk at the end of the residency and might even do something more right-brainy, like some sort of event at an art gallery.

If you have some input into all of this, people you think I should talk to, resources I should track down, please let me know.

Should be a fun and challenging project.

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