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WINK Review: Typewriter Art

As with the personal computer, and so many other technologies, “The street finds its own uses for things.” (William Gibson) Almost immediately after the introduction of the typewriter, in 1874, artists, poets, and publishers realized they could appropriate the typewriter as an art tool – the letters that it stamped out could serve as graphic […]

WINK Review: Pictorial Webster’s Dictionary

My most recent review on WINK: In the summer of 1996, fine-press bookmaker John M. Carrera began a ten-year odyssey after discovering a brittle and yellowing copy of the 1898 Webster’s International Dictionary under his grandfather’s favorite reading chair. He was so taken by the book’s wooden engravings that he contacted the Merriam-Webster Company and […]

Get Borg Like Me NOW!

Want an Advance Reader’s Copy of Borg Like Me? It’s at the printers currently, but you needn’t wait. If you pledged $15 or more during my KS campaign, send me your email and I’ll send you the ARC PDF. If you’re a writer/reviewer and want to get a copy for possible review, ping me and […]

Early Reader-Reviews of Borg Like Me

The early reader-reviews of BLM are starting to come in. The book is at the printer. As soon as it’s in-hand, the pre-order pricing (with free shipping and free ebook version) will end. Get it cheaper while you can. Review snippets: “It’s a big ol’ silky smooth slice of brain pie with emotive crumbles. An […]