Monthly Archives: February 2014

The Internet is Punk Rock!

Finally closing in on all the content for my book, Borg Like Me. Here is an excerpt from an essay about working with Billy Idol on his ill-fated Cyberpunk record. The piece is called “The Internet is Punk Rock!” It’s the kind of bizarre life moment that makes reality suddenly go all funny round its […]

Testify at People’s Birthdays, Not Their Funerals

Today is the day, nine years ago, that my late wife, Pam Bricker, left this-here junkyard world. This post is in tribute to her, but it is NOT about her (please, NO condolence messages). It’s actually about YOU. And me. About how we are with each other. This is something that’s been eating at me […]

I’m Doing a Reading at SXSW

I”m thrilled to announce that I will be attending SXSW and will be doing a reading from Borg Like Me at the “Cyberpunk Retrofest” after party, sponsored by EFF/EFF-Austin. Here are the deets. If you’re going to be at SXSW, come to this event and say “hi.” A Cyberpunk Retrofest presented by EFF/EFF-Austin An Official […]