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The Day I Blew My Four-Year-Old Son’s Mind

In going through my 1997 book, Jamming the Media, looking for content to pull for Borg Like Me, I came across this little anecdote in the introduction. Blake was FOUR! #borglikeme My four-year-old son, Blake, and I had just finished a father and son project. He’d created a picture on our Macintosh, using a paint […]

Who Says Cyberpunk is Dead?

This impressive short film, done in a classic c-punk style, was created by Stephan Zlotescu, who does music video F/X, and a few other industry friends, apparently for little money. It was quickly snatched up by Warner Bros to be turned into a feature. The short, I dig. A feature? Maybe not so much. I […]

Life on the Fringes of Cyberculture: An Interview with Gareth Branwyn

Vice Magazine’s Motherboard did an interview with me last week. You can read it in fill here. Motherboard: You’ve described yourself as “Cyborg-in-Chief” in the past, and your new book is called Borg Like Me. Why the cyborg label? Branwyn: I am literally a cyborg. I have a cobalt-chrome and titanium hip, a rebuilt heart, […]

We Did It! Thanks to All My Backers

What a TRIP! Thanks to all my Borgie pals for making this happen. Final total $20, 776. DECENT! I can work with that. Really touched by all of your generous pledges, your help in getting the word out, and all of the general good vibes I’ve enjoyed over the past 30 days. It means a […]

Parts of “The Eros Part”

Several people have asked me exactly what’s going to be in Borg Like Me’s “The Eros Part,” the additional bundle of previously published and new pieces that I’m offering as a PDF (for an $85 Kickstarter pledge). I haven’t finalized the exact table of contents yet, but here’s what I’ve been thinking: * Confessions of […]

Pre-Order Borg Like Me for Holiday Presents!

I’ve decided to do a discounted holiday bundle of books. Here’s the deal: Buy a Borg Like Me Holiday Bundle! I plan to have my book out for Christmas. Think about giving it as a gift. To make this more enticing, I’m offering a 10% discount on bundles of three books. And you can up […]

Look Kids, It’s ANOTHER Awesome Art Bundle!

One of the many positive aspects of doing the Kickstarter for my book has been reconnecting with so many artists that I’ve worked with over the years. Two of these cats are John Bergin and Danny Hellman. I’ve know John since the zine heyday of the early 1990s. He put out a zine called Brain […]

Part of “The Eros Part:” The Lemon Song

The subtitle of my book Borg Like Me is “& Other Tales of Art, Eros, and Embedded Systems.” To give you some idea of the eros part, here is a short excerpt from a piece that I wrote several years ago that I will be publishing for the first time. It’s called “The Lemon Song” […]

Art Rewards Pack #2

Tonight I’m posting the second of the Art Rewards Packs, featuring some of the astounding artists who’ve agreed to work on Borg Like Me if we reach the $30K goal. This pack features two of my favorite artists that I had the pleasure to work with during the bOING bOING print heyday (and Darick worked […]

Project Backed! Hooray! A Million Thanks.

At a little past 5pm Eastern today, my Borg Like Me project passed the $15,000 mark and was successfully funded. I was taken over the top by a $150 pledge from the amazing David and Simone of RoboGames. I am SO thrilled. Thank you SO MUCH, to all of my backers. I cannot thank each […]