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“Into the Future! The Making of Beyond Cyberpunk!” on Boing Boing

Boing Boing is running an excerpt of Borg Like Me. It’s the full story of how we came to create the ground-breaking 1991 hypermedia electronic book, Beyond Cyberpunk! Building a Cyberpunk “Data Bucket” While Peter and I were anxious to get our hands dirty with hypermedia, I discovered a rather exhaustive list of cyberpunk sci-fi […]

Back to the Future with Gareth Branwyn

The following interview was conducted for the French “ezine for digital mutants,” La Spirale. Since there was no English version of it, La Spirale’s editor, Laurent Courau, gave me permission to publish an English translation here. Merci, Laurent! Interview by Soizic Sanson and Laurent Courau. Translation Soizic Sanson and Laurent Courau. Back to the future […]

Maker Sessions: Robot Hacks, Nov 3-20

My pals at MAKE are doing one of their new Maker Sessions (think: Maker Camp for grown-ups) on robots. The session is called Robot Hacks and it runs from Nov 3- 20. One of the cool things about this program is that they’re providing parts kits to teams/groups that sign up so that they can […]