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“Into the Future! The Making of Beyond Cyberpunk!” on Boing Boing

Boing Boing is running an excerpt of Borg Like Me. It’s the full story of how we came to create the ground-breaking 1991 hypermedia electronic book, Beyond Cyberpunk! Building a Cyberpunk “Data Bucket” While Peter and I were anxious to get our hands dirty with hypermedia, I discovered a rather exhaustive list of cyberpunk sci-fi […]

WINK Review: Bomb Run

My latest review is for a lovely collection of 1950s-era war comics by Mad magazine’s Harvey Kurtzman, John Severin, and Will Elder: Originally appearing in Two-Fisted Tales and Frontline Combat in the early 50s, the comics in this collection were rather radical for their time. Even though they were war stories, created to appeal to […]

Borg Like Me Spawns Fairy Post Office in the Berkeley Hills

It’s amazing how magic can sometimes beget magic. I have a piece in Borg Like Me about Lea Redmond’s “World’s Smallest Postal Service” and a very enchanting experience I had once when I found a little “house” set up inside of a rotted out knot hole in a tree. For the piece, I decided to […]

Borg Like Me Artist Featured on Boing Boing

David Pescovitz has a great piece on Boing Boing today about the iconic 90s Schwa art, including some of the more memorable images and an interview with its creator, William Barker: In the early 1990s, adman/fine artist William Barker’s Schwa became the iconic artwork of the cyberculture underground. Barker’s paranoiac stick figures, faux-corporate undertones, and […]

WINK Review: The Sacrificial Universe

For this week’s WINK review, I take a trip into David Chaim Smith’s The Sacrificial Universe: The Sacrificial Universe contains 45 stunning drawings of mesmerizing complexity and strangeness. Most of them are full-size, with a number as dramatic fold-out diptychs, triptychs, and even a quadriptych. The production is high-quality, art-book level. The text in Sacrificial […]

Sparks of Fire Press Bookplate Being Letterpress Printed

Just got this video of my new Sparks of Fire Press bookplate being printed by the wonderful Fran and Jen of Zeichen Press. Can’t wait to see the plates in person! These plates, inscribed by me, were offered as a premium for the Kickstarter campaign for my book, Borg Like Me. You can still get […]

WINK Review: Warhammer 40,000 7th Ed. Boxed Set

With Warhammer 40,000 7th Edition, Games Workshop has made some more dramatic changes. Since this is really a review of the 7th edition boxed set itself, I won’t discuss rules changes. But those changes do suggest that GW is willing to sacrifice parts of the 40K universe backstory in an effort to sell more miniatures. […]

WINK Review: Typewriter Art

As with the personal computer, and so many other technologies, “The street finds its own uses for things.” (William Gibson) Almost immediately after the introduction of the typewriter, in 1874, artists, poets, and publishers realized they could appropriate the typewriter as an art tool – the letters that it stamped out could serve as graphic […]

WINK Review: Pictorial Webster’s Dictionary

My most recent review on WINK: In the summer of 1996, fine-press bookmaker John M. Carrera began a ten-year odyssey after discovering a brittle and yellowing copy of the 1898 Webster’s International Dictionary under his grandfather’s favorite reading chair. He was so taken by the book’s wooden engravings that he contacted the Merriam-Webster Company and […]

Testify at People’s Birthdays, Not Their Funerals

Today is the day, nine years ago, that my late wife, Pam Bricker, left this-here junkyard world. This post is in tribute to her, but it is NOT about her (please, NO condolence messages). It’s actually about YOU. And me. About how we are with each other. This is something that’s been eating at me […]