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WINK Review: Warhammer 40,000 7th Ed. Boxed Set

With Warhammer 40,000 7th Edition, Games Workshop has made some more dramatic changes. Since this is really a review of the 7th edition boxed set itself, I won’t discuss rules changes. But those changes do suggest that GW is willing to sacrifice parts of the 40K universe backstory in an effort to sell more miniatures. […]

First Review of Borg Like Me!

Casey Rae, of The Future of Music Coalition, Adjunct Prof. of Communications, Culture & Technology at Georgetown, and chief contrarian at The Contrarian, has published the first review of Borg Like Me. Hope this is an auspicious sign. Gareth Branwyn is one such pioneer. His birds-eye account of underground media at the dawn of the […]

WINK Review: Typewriter Art

As with the personal computer, and so many other technologies, “The street finds its own uses for things.” (William Gibson) Almost immediately after the introduction of the typewriter, in 1874, artists, poets, and publishers realized they could appropriate the typewriter as an art tool – the letters that it stamped out could serve as graphic […]

WINK Review: Pictorial Webster’s Dictionary

My most recent review on WINK: In the summer of 1996, fine-press bookmaker John M. Carrera began a ten-year odyssey after discovering a brittle and yellowing copy of the 1898 Webster’s International Dictionary under his grandfather’s favorite reading chair. He was so taken by the book’s wooden engravings that he contacted the Merriam-Webster Company and […]

Recording The Beatles Review on WINK

On today’s WINK review: How many books in your library make you happy just to know that you own them? How many do you enthusiastically show off to friends, knowing that you’re sharing something truly unique and wondrous? Recording The Beatles is one of a few such books in my library. First off, the “out […]

My BEE Review on WINK

My latest WINK review, of Rose-Lynn Fisher’s amazing BEE, is live. Work on BEE, the handsome and inspiring book by artist and photographer Rose-Lynn Fisher, began the first time she peered at the magnified image of a bee’s eye and realized that its 6,900 hexagonal lenses looked shockingly similar to a honeycomb. Was this a […]

“Big Questions” – An exquisite literary feast that reads like a literal dream

My review of Anders Nilsen’s epic-scaled postmodern comic fable, Big Questions, is up on WINK: The day my mail carrier plopped a review copy of this hefty, gorgeous tome inside my screen door (I have an uncanny ability to discern this faint but happy sound from anywhere in the house), I immediately cracked it open […]